CourseCareers Review: Is It Legit?

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The tech industry has become an inextricable part of how we operate daily. This has seen a boom in demand for tech skills and knowledge and the development of a high-income industry for people to enter. 

Increasingly, people see the benefits of working a tech job. It is high-paying, offers job security, and may not even require one to be a tech guru or genius.

With digital learning platforms like CourseCareers, anyone can make the move to a tech career today. So is CourseCareers legit? 

This review will outline everything you need to know including what it is, the course types on offer, costs and fees, and how it can enhance your career in just a few weeks.


About CourseCareers: What Is It & How Does It Work?

CourseCareers is an online modern learning platform that enables individuals to start their tech careers without a bachelor’s degree or any prior tech experience. 

Founder, Troy Buckholdt’s career journey is a reflection of the platform’s vision and aim. He decided not to go to college, opting out of various college options. Instead, he entered the tech space straight out of high school and eventually created CourseCareers to help others do the same.

Getting started with CourseCareers is easy. You can browse their available and affordable online courses and select one that you believe may work for you. 

Sign up for a free introductory course that will teach you the basics of that career. These introductory courses offer potential students a way to see if that career would be a fitting option for them.

If you feel the course is a good fit and decide to move forward, you can enroll for a complete paid course.

CourseCareers has a digital, self-paced structure which means you can finish each course within weeks or over a few months. This is ideal for people still working in another career and hoping to make a gradual move into tech. 

By the end of the course, you’ll have the necessary insider knowledge and skills to start working in the industry.

You’ll know how to optimize your resume and application material, how to best respond in interviews, and more information to help you get your first position.


Types Of Courses Offered By CourseCareers

Tech employees are in demand in various big companies across the tech industry, including Oracle, Survey Monkey, Zoom, and more. The average salary for rep digital marketing positions can start at $55,000 a year, making it a viable way to make a living. 

CourseCareers supports its students in starting their careers without experience or a degree. All their courses include application assistance and interview prep that detail exactly how to land your first job.

There are three primary courses to aid those hoping to enter tech occupations:


Tech Sales Course

This course teaches students all they need about tech sales and entry into the field. It is an 8-week course, however, students can pace themselves and complete it in 4-8 weeks.

This includes basic tech sales information like terminology, the sales process, customer profiling and buyer personas, communication skills, and more. 

You will also learn how to navigate Customer Relationship Management (CRM), data, tech sales management, and other tools and technology.

Tech sales skills are also part of the course, including:

  • Prospecting
  • Outreach (LinkedIn, cold call, cold email)
  • Sales development
  • Account executive management

Digital Marketing 

With this 6-week, self-paced digital marketing course, you will learn several fundamentals of marketing such as classical theory, marketing models, the marketing funnel, and more. 

The course teaches the various steps involved in designing a digital marketing framework from planning to implementation and analysis and reporting.

You will finish this digital marketing course with skills in:

  • Blogging
  • WordPress
  • Email marketing
  • Social media and social media ads
  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Analytics
  • Content marketing
  • Google Adwords

On average students complete the course in 3-12 weeks.


Information Technology Training

The CourseCareers IT curriculum is a comprehensive guide to information technology. It includes career mindset elements, IT basics, the scope of your daily tasks as a worker, technical upskilling, and tips and aid in job hunting. 

The basics it equips you with include how to work with software and hardware, networks, and different operating systems.

In-depth technical upskilling lessons will teach you to how to work with the following:

  • Virtual private networks (VPNs)
  • Active directories
  • Azure crash course
  • Azure virtual machines
  • Network file sharing
  • Permissions
  • Ticketing platforms

Students complete the 8-week program between month and three months depending on their pace.

If you are still unsure of which course is right for you. CourseCareers offer a FREE intro course to help you get your feet wet and decide the past career path.


CourseCareers Cost And Pay Plan

All three of the above courses have the same affordable online course payment plan options. 

The first is to split your payments into four, paying four amounts of $150 every two weeks. 

Alternatively, you can make a single, one-time deposit of $499. This option saves you $101. 

No matter the plan you choose, there will be no secret or additional fees.


How Does CourseCareers Help Your Career?

CourseCareers dedicates itself to helping its students land an entry-level position in tech. Interview, application, and job-hunting features form part of the curriculum. It will help you discover exactly what companies look for in resumes and everything required to land interviews for entry-level positions. However, that’s not all.

CourseCareers has direct partnerships with numerous seeking excellent tech employees. Once students complete the course, they can get entry-level positions and internship opportunities from these partners.

These partnerships also mean that the companies can waive their standard employment requirements for CourseCareers’ graduates. You can get a position with no prior experience and no degree, just your course certificate.

This characteristic of CourseCareers is a huge benefit to people at various stages of their careers. Whether you’re fresh out of high school with no qualifications or you’re considering new careers later in life, their courses make the transition easier.



Looking for the fastest way to get into the tech space and start earning the salary you want? Learn how to make money right from your computer and switch careers in just a few weeks with CourseCareers.

Visit CourseCareers and enroll in a course that can change your future today.

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